Twice Exceptional, abbreviated as “2e,” refers to those who are gifted intellectually and who have a learning difference. For example, someone may possess attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), dyslexia, dysgraphia, or language processing delay, coupled with an exceptional talent or giftedness in another area, such as music, art, math, problem solving, or creativity. These two opposing influences, disability and ability, when present together, create 2e.

At Twice Exceptional, LLC, we believe your differences make you exceptional. Learning and thinking differences allow our minds to operate uniquely, gifting us a special lens through which we see the world.

Our logo is a visual representation of the abbreviation, 2e. On the right side, the “e”  appears backward, representing those with dyslexia, and the two letters together form a smiley face, symbolizing how ability and disability can create an exceptional individual.

Who are we?

My name is Alex Bean, Co-founder of Twice Exceptional. In the fourth grade I was diagnosed with four learning differences: dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and ADD. Throughout my childhood, my learning differences played a role in my performance in school. I was always afraid to raise my hand, state the answer to a question, or read aloud in class. I did not want to appear less intelligent or less able than my classmates. I envision a world where students courageously express their weaknesses and instead of feeling isolated, find acceptance among those alike, yet vastly different. To me, Twice Exceptional is about stepping onto your own platform, comfortable or not, and being the person you always set out to be.  

My name is Josh Aronow, Co-founder of Twice Exceptional. In elementary school, I was diagnosed with ADHD and a Language Processing Delay, making it difficult for me to retrieve, interpret, and respond to information. These challenges often turned everyday classroom activities into daunting obstacles. I understand the anxiety of walking into an English class and seeing the desks arranged in a circle, the stress of counting how many people need to read aloud before it’s my turn, and the relentless rehearsing of a sentence or paragraph in my head before voicing it. I know the fear of raising my hand, worried that I might not seem smart enough.

However, facing these struggles taught me an invaluable lesson in perseverance. By having to work that much harder in school, I learned to apply the same dedication and tenacity to every aspect of my life. This relentless work ethic became a cornerstone of my character, enabling me to overcome obstacles and achieve my goals.

My message to young students is clear: you are not alone. These experiences, while incredibly challenging, do not define your worth or potential. Through Twice Exceptional, I aim to create a world where students can openly express their struggles and find a supportive community that understands and embraces their unique strengths.

We were both fortunate enough to receive special attention beginning at a young age, teaching us methods to recognize and work with our learning differences, making what was once a weakness into our greatest strength. This experience is one that we would like to standardize for all students in need of extra assistance.

Our Vision

We see a future where Twice Exceptional supports school systems that cannot afford the resources necessary to provide students with special attention. This extra help can shift a student's mindset, allowing them to see that their differences make them exceptional.

In response to the obstacles we encountered as the result of our respective learning differences, we both found ways to channel our creative energies into building a clothing brand. Once profitable, we intend to aid under-resourced schools and their students by developing learning centers and providing other resources, allowing students to realize the full potential of their exceptional abilities.

Our Mission

At Twice Exceptional, our mission is to raise awareness and provide resources for those with learning differences. In doing so, we hope to eliminate the negative connotations attached to those differences, and create an atmosphere where students feel confident in raising their hands, sharing their thoughts, and practicing self-advocacy as exceptionalists. We hope our business will inspire those with learning differences so that they never stop dreaming big!